Farm and Nature Experiences

Earth Adventures connects urbanites to farm and rural experiences. By creating and curating educational and enjoyable activities on farms and in outdoor spaces, we aim to bring people closer to the sources of their food and nurture a healthier relationship with the earth. We provides tours, hands-on learning opportunities, team-bonding and kids camps/parties, and farm-to-table culinary experiences in many of Singapore’s farms and outdoor venues, opening up a surprising and largely undiscovered world within the city-state.

Go on a microadventure

Journey to Singapore’s countryside and natural spaces, and discover hidden gems in our garden city.

Learn the hands-on way

Come explore with all your senses. Learning is more fun when you’re fully immersed!

Sustainability and Diversity

Our programmes emphasize sustainability, and we have a diverse group of employees with different skill sets

Relive the Kampung Spirit

Our Lion City was once a kampung! Time travel with us, let your hair down and play like the good old days.

Going global? Talk to us

Earth Adventures also provides travel consultancy and recommendations to stunning and under-appreciated rural areas in the region and the world. Just email us for a non-committal chat. We’re all free spirits here.

How it all began

Earth Adventures (previously Bollywood Adventures) was founded in 2018 by agricultural advocate and author Manda Foo, nine years after she rode in the Singapore’s wild and wonderful Kranji Countryside. Manda formerly helmed Bollywood Veggies, a 10-acre planet-friendly farm and was the secretary of the Kranji Countryside Association. She brings with her more than a decade of solid experience in the local agriculture and environmental sector, and maintains strong links and networks among farm and nature circles in Singapore.

A globe trotter with a special interest in rural communities, she has explored no fewer than 75 countries and feels deeply inspired by humanity’s collective intelligence and nature’s goodness. She is motivated to change the callous relationship humans have with their planet and the resulting tragedies of waste, disease and war.